Pregnancy Wheel

Just slide the date wheel around with your finger. It’s that easy. You can set it in seconds. It simply works like a real pregnancy wheel except that it is more accurate, factors in leap years, and no trees were cut down to make it.

Other pregnancy wheels on the App Store are not actually wheels, and make you key in the dates. This one uses the touch interface to simulate a real pregnancy wheel and lets you set the date easily. Then you can play with the numbers and dates by sliding the wheel back and forth just like you might on a real wheel.

This app keeps things simple and puts all the important data on one screen.
Set the wheel based on LMP, CRL, BPD, or any date or measurement on the screen.

Media Reviews

iMedicalAppsSunday, Dec 2, 2012 2:51 AM
A thoughtful review by Kelli Barbour MD. She writes, “I like this wheel for its circularity and its uniqueness of wheeling…. it’s a good option.”

TechNamaSunday, Jan 2, 2011 2:48 AM
A helpful review from Technama, their only critisism is that the app is priced too high, but that was the launch pricing, and it is now down to 99¢ and selling better than ever.
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User Reviews

Simple… ★★★★★
by Toronto MD on June 12 2011 version 1.1
Excuse the pun, but all those other apps have been trying to reinvent the OB wheel. The maker of this app has recognized the advantage of using that old simple paper wheel and has simply recreated it digitally. It’s super simple but like the old paper wheels shows a ton of info at a glance. Excellent app and well worth the price. Thanks for making this.

Very Nice. ★★★★★
by DocRon on Jan 13, 2011
As a physician, I can say this is very handy and well done. Good job.

The best!! ★★★★★
by ocwaveoc1 on Aug 7, 2010 1.1
The best part of this wheel is that All the info you need is on the same screen as your input screen….so, when you scroll to enter LMP, you see the EDD, gestational age, gestational age at a certain date (very important when you know she had a certain test done on a certain date and you want to know what gestational age that date was), which trimester etc etc… ALL on the same screen. Therefore there is no need to push an extra button to get to the next screen to access the info you need. I’m doing my Ob rotation and time is important. I needed something that took the least amount of button pushing to get the job done.

by equs11 on 12-Apr-2010 ★★★
“Buena aplicaciòn”

by gurungvinita on 25-Apr-2010 ★★★★
“Every obstetrician and midwife should have this application. Very easy to use.”


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